Our Story

All our products are made to the most stringent quality standards, with natural and organic ingredients and no chemical additives.

  • 1980

    Dulces Masseube is created as a family business engaged in the production of fine organic fruit. Our original founders’ modern spirit has always helped the company stay ahead of the curve regionally.

  • 1989

    The company starts producing natural jams and fruit with no added chemicals, thus obtaining high quality natural products. Later, the brand becomes the supplier of five-star hotels, supermarkets, airlines and gourmet businesses.

  • 1992

    Dulces Masseube becomes the first company to achieve an organic certification (Argencert SRL - IFOAM Accredited) for the production of fine Patagonian fruit in Argentina.
    This is achieved as a result of our strong commitment to environmental protection and to our customers, who deserve products of the highest quality.

    Esto se logró gracias a un fuerte compromiso con el cuidado del medio ambiente y con nuestros consumidores, merecedores de productos de altísima calidad.

  • 1997

    Nicolás Núñez and Diego Lerner, the company’s present owners, meet and share their passion for sustainable food production. They explore the Patagonian region to find a place to make their vision a reality.

  • 1998

    Valle del Medio, our establishment located in Lago Puelo, Province of Chubut, in the heart of the Patagonia, is introduced to the world. There, we produce homemade jams and fine organic fruit certified by the International Agricultural Organization (OIA).

  • 2011

    Valle del Medio, which until then produced only fine organic fruit, adds the Masseube Jams to its project. A rewarding process begins to define what is unique about our jams without losing our essence and we build a model factory that uses advanced technology.

  • 2013

    The products’ packaging is redesigned to include a transparent label to show what’s most important: our jam.

  • 2016

    We launch an innovative line of jams designed by our team and Chef Narda Lepes. Six different flavors that combine the most delicious fruit of Valle del Medio with Narda Lepes’ creativity. Together, we aim at turning the spotlight on fruits that are normally ignored. That’s how, for example, the Quince and Blueberry jam was created.

    Juntos buscamos darle protagonismo a frutas que de otra manera suelen ser descartadas. Así nació, por ejemplo, el dulce de Membrillo & Arándanos.

  • 2019

    Our dream to have an organic line of Masseube Jams comes true: black currants, raspberries, forest fruits, rose hip, strawberries and blackberries. As a result of this new addition, we redesigned our packaging and website.