Discover our production process

Sustainable manufacturing is an environmentally-friendly approach that has become the essence of Masseube’s organic jams.


1. Production

Sustainable manufacturing is an environmentally-friendly approach that has become the essence of Masseube’s organic jams. Through this approach, we maintain and improve the quality and fertility of the soil to grow strong, healthy plants that then provide a special and unique flavor to the jam that reaches your breakfast table.

Masseube Jams are produced using a selection of high quality fruit, continually striving for excellence. We have built a team of committed, dedicated individuals with a sense of belonging.

Since 1998, Valle del Medio has had the organic certification of the International Agricultural Organization (OIA) for fresh fruit production. In addition, in June 2014, it became the world’s first producer of raspberries, black currants and red currants to obtain the Fair Trade certification granted by the Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International.

In 2019, we started to produce our Organic Jams for the first time, certified by OIA, USDA Organic and Orgánico Argentina.

2. Harvest

The hand of man is involved in three phases after planting: first, in pruning, then in removing the grass, and finally in manual harvesting, where particular care is needed.

The fruit is harvested and taken to the production plant, where it is weighed and led into a cooling tunnel. The tunnel reduces the fruit’s ambient temperature to -25 ºC to help retain its qualities and properties.

3. Selection

After the cooling process, the fruit is taken to a sorting conveyor belt where it is cleaned of any impurities and classified according to quality in order to be used in different products.

The selected fruit is stored in cooling chambers at -20 ºC and then used to produce the Masseube Jams all year round.

4. Jam-making

Our preparation process is started in a horizontal cooker, where the fruit is softened and starts releasing the natural pectin to then go through a refining/sieving equipment in order to homogenize the pulp obtained from the fruit.

The fruit is then led to a mixing hopper, where sugar is added to the fruit until the ideal temperature is reached. Finally, it is taken to a jam cooker.

5. Packaging and Distribution

Once the Masseube Jam is cooked, it is packed, labelled and stored in a warehouse. The product is then ready to be distributed anywhere in the country and to get to your breakfast table.

All our products are gluten free and TACC free (wheat, oats, barley and rye).